• Alíz Horváth joins OPERAS’ Scientific Advisor Committee

    We are pleased to announce that Alíz Horváth, the chair of our DARIAH Multilingual DH Working Group, has joined the Scientific Advisory Committee of OPERAS. This is wonderful news for the multilingual DH community, which she will represent at OPERAS with her international experience, broad expertise, and passion for linguistic diversity. Alíz’s commitment to fostering……

  • The basics of Bidi

    Deborah (Debbie) Anderson (Project lead, Script Encoding Initiative, Dept. of Linguistics, UC Berkeley) is helping in the organisation of a Unicode-hosted event on bidirectional text. “The basics of Bidi” Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 08:00 AM Pacific Time. Background A number of scripts, such as Arabic and Hebrew, write their letters horizontally on a page or screen,……

  • Creating, Managing and Archiving Textual Corpora in Under-resourced Languages

    As we announced previously, our Multilingual DH Working Group has won funding from DARIAH together with the DARIAH Research Data Management Working Group to organize a hybrid workshop, entitled “Creating, Managing, and Archiving Textual Corpora in Under-resourced Languages.” This 2,5-day workshop, organized between August 28-30, 2024 at the University of Hamburg and online, will provide……

  • DARIAH Multilingual DH WG’s community day

    DARIAH Annual Event (June 18-21, 2024) is approaching and our Multilingual DH Working Group’s community day event will take place on June 18 at 4:00-5:30pm (GMT – Lisbon is in the same time zone as London). We plan to hold a community event with the participation and brief presentations of various representatives from DARIAH’s member countries. ……

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